Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Random Question

The Fitness Fact to the left does not surprise me; well, the global number does, as it makes it so huge.

I clearly remember the first time I bought my husband a gym membership...did not even go once! Good thing it was only a three month trial membership.

To add to this fact is that I know many people also think it is cheaper to just buy themselves a treadmill or an elliptical machine.  I am surprised at how quickly it becomes a place to hang clothes on!

But, my mind is a scary place sometimes... well, often.  So my random question is this, "how many people are 'members' of a church and rarely, or never, go?"

If research (Gallup Poll) was done on this I wonder what the stats would be? Because I know that our membership lists in church rarely are fully reflected in the pews.

Taking this thought a step many of us want the perfect sculpted body but don't want to do what we know is required to achieve it? I have been attending a gym for over 3 years now and I still have excess fat, not to mention that I still can not find the six pack abs!  I am doing some things, but not others, like I know eating is 80% of the battle, and only 20% is exercise.  While I enjoy the exercise I also enjoy eating, and less so when it is healthy.  What I know I should do (eat healthy) I don't, and what I know I shouldn't do (eat tacos), I do.  Sounds like a scripture verse to me (Romans 7)...

Well, the vast number of people who are 'members' of a church do so because they ascribe to a faith. I grew up in the church, and so I have no excuse. I KNOW what I should do, but once again, I often do not do those things.

Just like I want the countless posts I see on my Facebook health pages to be true - "lose your belly in 30 days" - I also want sanctification to be instantaneous.  And, just like you can't get perfect abs in 30 days (even if you do countless crunches or planks), you can not become like Christ over night.

I get told here often by people that they are 'bad' Catholics.  They refer to themselves as such.  They mean that they believe in God, and identify with the Catholic church, but they don't go to mass, they don't confess, and they don't take the Lord's Supper.  How is that different from owning a gym membership but never going?

I enjoy the gym, and even love feeling wiped after my 1 1/2 hr. work out.  I love feeling sore muscles, as they remind me that I used them.  That I pushed myself.  I love noticing new muscles form.  I love the results.

What about my spiritual muscles? Are they being pushed? Am I straining them? Do I put the same effort into my spiritual strength as I do into my physical strength? Sadly I do not.

I ask myself why that is? Why can I give 2 hours daily to my physical body's betterment but struggle to give 1/2 hour to my spiritual growth? (Hebrews 12:1-3; Philippians 3:12-14)

I don't want to be someone who works on the 'outside' and neglects the 'inside'.  I don' want to be a member who has never benefitted from the privileges of membership.  How about you?

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