Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Six decades and counting!

So someone is turning half a hundred plus a decade! Yep, Ernie is celebrating 60 years on Friday.

So, we are busy! The to-do list is long, needless to say.  The thing is, Ernie has too many friends! He has invited 170 people, how many will show is hard to say for certain, as Mexicans don't like to say no.  But we are planning things for 170.

So, I have started with baking cakes, cupcakes and trifle. They are anticipating dessert, and lots of it, as that is what I am known for.

Good thing I have help. Tara Wiebe, who is an expert, is making the actual birthday cake. She makes amazing fondant cakes. Who knows what it will look like, but it will be amazing!

Then we went to the airport today to pick up a friend. Marilyn and I have spent much time today talking recipes and ideas for the dessert table.

While it is exciting to have help with making all the desserts, it is even better that she is a lifetime friend, who came to share in Ernie's special day. Marilyn's husband was Ernie's best friend since high school and so there are some pretty strong ties there. We are anticipating a wonderful week together.
Upon Marilyn's arrival, tacos came first!
So what is the plan for our party.  It's a table games event. The idea is that you bet 10 pesos on every game and the money is going towards the children's day care we help out at. We will enjoy some excellent food, which I do not have to make. We might dance, as our dance instructor is coming, and maybe then eat lots of dessert!
We started making desserts today - cheese cake!
We are just excited to mix all of our groups. Our gym friends, our cell group friends and our neighbours. Show them who we are and shine the love of Jesus. Pray for a rainless day, and one filled with Jesus!

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