Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Blessings and such ....

Living far away from your kids (family) means you miss certain things, that when you live together, or close by, you take for granted.

These photos are a picture of one such thing.  I love it when everyone would get in my space to make a meal together.  the joy was in the prep.  The doing things together.

I so enjoyed the recent visit from our kids.  I try to make it about enjoying each other, for the time we have together, and not about that we are mostly apart.

Our sons give us much joy.  They are a little crazy (might come by that honestly?) and then you add my brother to the mix! Well, talk about acceleration ... then a friend ...what can I say?

Who gets matching shirts for a trip? Then all wear them at the same time? Bowling was one thing...but we went to the mall after... Needless to say they got some looks!!

But, I miss the boys bringing their friends home and being crazy together.  I miss the craziness and laughter. I also love watching them with their dad.  Ernie acts young when he is with his sons.  He was telling me, as he was awaiting turning 60, that he was getting old.  He totally loses that when he is with his sons. A joy to my heart.

So, do I cry when we say good bye? Ask Ian... nope.  I am so thankful for the very fact that they can come... I try very hard not to lament.

I enjoy the time together... I take tons of pictures, to remember the good times.

I often reflect, after they leave, about the things I miss about them.  I smile as I find hair things that Jaycia tends to leave in her wake... I then reflect on how I miss hearing her sing in the shower and while she is getting ready.

I live in a culture that holds family of upmost importance.  Gatherings are always with all generations.  They watch us with our kids and don't understand how we can live here... so far away from our children.

My many friends here have taught me much about the value of family.  About caring for your family. We have talked, with our Mexican friends, about old folks homes - something they understand, somewhat, but don't understand instutionalizing family and then not visiting them daily.   I am so thankful for my family, but realize that I have taken them for granted at times.

Don't make that mistake.  Reach out to those you love.  Family isn't always just about blood.  Relationships need care.  Even if you don't live close by... in today's world that is no excuse.  That has certainly helped me not be sad.  I "see" my kids when we call. And they call much more now than the first year.  I am blessed.

I want to share some fun I had during this visit.  Ernie and I are taking Salsa lessons every Monday in our home.  We are not very good but we enjoy our time with Natalia.  So, my brother, Keith, Jaycia and Ian joined the lesson with me.  My sons DO NOT DANCE!
Natalia showing my brother some steps... while
Jaycia and Ian practice

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