Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Celebrating 60

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! I so wanted to share with all of you about the our children coming as a surprise for Ernie...but alas, it was to be a surprise. It was so much fun for the kids to come, and as a surprise. They had been planing this since early the risk was great, as to whether he would find out. Added to this, the amount of people that DID know. But, no one let the cat out of the bag, and then there was the phone call telling him that they just couldn't come, due to work. Fun!

So, let me tell you about those two weeks during which we celebrated Ernie's 60th...

Things got rolling on the 18th, when our friend Marilyn Kroeker arrived, as I told you in an earlier post.  Marilyn and I got busy with the creative details.  Marilyn is an old scrapbooking friend, so we got out my stuff and made a birthday banner. Then we started on desserts. In between all the working, we hit the pool, ate some great food, and introduced her to our Bible Study friends. At our Wednesday cell meeting we celebrated Lalo and Carmen's birthdays (12 & 19 of July).

On the Thursday morning (7 a.m.  to be exact) the above video happened at the gym. So, although Ernie thought we were going to the gym to work out...I knew otherwise, and we headed home. Then the craziness started. Although they were tired, from travelling all night, they were ready to get at it after a little cat nap...

 A little pool time...

And a solid meal...

It was nice to heave both Marilyn and Jaycia (my daughter-in-law) here, as they are both kind of perfectionists, detailed and creative. They worked really well together.  The desserts and decorations were above par!
Making a perfect Triffle
one dessert table - desserts cut with a ruler!
With the birthday cake - perfect
made by Tara Wiebe
The terraza 

Our goal was to invite friends from all our groups: gym, neighbours, cell groups, etc. Our idea was to have a party with a purpose. It was a table games day with everybody throwing 10 pesos in the middle for each game played. The money was to go to the day care where we help out.

Added blessings, great food with a wonderful taquisa...

great desserts... a fabulous birthday cake

...a bouncer for the kids...floor hockey was played by many
 .... and the cherry on the top... fireworks to end the evening (thanks to our kids and my brother).  Everyone said it was a great party, lots of fun.

Together we raised 4000 pesos for the day care.  We are blessed.

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