Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Each year we, as a team, get together for a retreat, with the main objective being getting some much needed R & R.

Since the ocean is so very close to us, we often look for an affordable place seaside.  This year we headed to Manzanillo, a short 4 hours drive from Guadalajara.

Aside from R & R we also take time for some Spiritual renewal.  Every other year we bring someone from Canada to speak to us.  This was not the year for that but to do something ourselves.  We did something we have never done before... We invited a national to speak to us.  Walter and Susie Rempening joined us from our Cuauhtemoc church.

We so very much appreciated his ministry to us this weekend.  He spoke to us from the Book of Ruth.  His theme being the "Frustrations of Life".  He talked about bitterness, such as Naomi allowed to take root, and how, in chapter 4, joy had returned.  We were challenged to not allow bitterness take root in our lives and ministries.

Aside from rich times of fellowship in the Word we also enjoyed times of playing together. The weather cooperated (meaning it wasn't rainy as was forecasted) so we could make use of the pool and ocean.  We enjoyed good meals together, that we all took turns in preparing. Our only complaint was that it was extremely humid and muggy {We all might be just a little spoiled with the perfect climate of GDL}.
Wiebe boys enjoying the pool

Connie and Tara enjoying a relaxing massage

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