Wednesday, 25 October 2017


On Saturday afternoon, Dallas had the awesome privilege of baptizing a young man from his cell group.

His name is Juanca, and he has been a part of their group for quite some time.  It took him a while to make the decision to get baptized because he comes from a strong Catholic family.

In his testimony he shared that he was thankful for the strong faith his parents gave him and how he, as a young adult, decided he was an atheist.

Later he met the youth from Kleefeld EMC and Jesse Friesen.  These young people showed him a different faith and he was drawn to them.  Jesse and him spent a lot of time together and that friendship impacted him profoundly. Dallas has been discipling him and you can see a maturing faith in him.

This event was impacting on me.  To watch his parents struggle with the whole event, because they had baptized him as an infant.  They could not understand the need to be re-baptizd. They were struggling with whether he was turning from the Catholic church.  But I admire them for attending and supporting him.

I also was made to ponder, that what we ask our people to do here has much greater cost for them than for our own children.  I remember the celebration when our sons got baptized.  We were thrilled beyond belief.  These parents were crying, hurting, maybe even somewhat angry.  Juanca had to do a lot of explaining to his family, as to what and why he was doing this.  He was not sure if he would be accepted into their home later that day.

But, even with the possible consequences before him, he stood firm to his commitment and got baptized.  Please pray for the young man and the journey he has before him.

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