Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A little this and a little that...

Life is full of ups and downs.  Every day has good in it and often times a little not so good.  I think many things are one or the other, based on one's attitude or perspective.  Let me share some ups and some downs.

Let me add here that I am constantly amazed at how I view things as a Canadian, and how Mexicans view things.  So, these ups and downs can also have a cultural component to them.

Firstly, relationships.  Mexicans have a more up close and personal view of friendships.  If you notice someone didn't show up to the gym, you text to check on them.  If someone puts a comment in the chat, a response is needed.  Even if it's just a thumbs up, or a happy face {My sons chat group was discussing how annoying all the thumbs up/likes were, and to just quit it}.  My personal view would be very similar.  Here, if you don't thumbs up/like at all, in a chat, they want to kick you out of the group for not participating!

But, while that whole thing bugs me, their view of relationships is much appreciated.  I am often amazed that people notice my absence and that they check on me.  I love the care they take to nurture their relationships.
Y might have noticed that I 'breakfast' a lot. A very common event here, because relationships matter.  So you call, you participate in the chats, you emoji everything ...


Next is a negative, which from my side of the car is all about attitude, Ernie's not so much. When we get into our car to head out to an event, to go to the grocery store, or even to the gym, we are driving in a city of 4-7 million! So needless to say, traffic is chaos. I once made the comment that they have no traffic norms here.  They say they do ... they just don't follow them! 

We never have an uneventful drive.  There is ALWAYS someone doing something crazy.  Right hand turn from the extreme left lane! Running a red.  Stopping in the middle of the road. Wrong way on a one way.  Never mind using your blinkers, or just normal courtesy. 

That said, if you make eye contact, asking to do some such crazy thing, or even just so they let you in, just hand gesture, no worries.  It's all good, no horn honking.  Crazy. 

Ernie tends to get agitated and talks to the passing vehicles.  He gets a little hot.  Attitude.  I must admit, he drives 80 % of the time and he is always in a hurry.  Not sure why, as you are NEVER late in Mexico!

Lastly, is parties or celebrations. This is a huge attitude and perspective thing.  I think its great that they celebrate everything.  They love to have fun.  There is always great food, live music, or karaoke. Laughter and good times being had. 

Now it may look like great fun, celebrating friendship with a birthday party.  But add the mariachi music - insert loud. The whole loud music thing can get overwhelming at times.  It can be hard to converse.  That is the negative side (did you come to converse or party?). The other side is, they all know all the songs, so it's sign-along. Dancing and singing. They can go all night. It is fun to watch.  I am trying to learn to sing along, but I've got a ways to go.

The other thing that for me is a little tough...I am a morning bird.  These things start at 8 p.m. and go till the next day, 1, 2, 3 in the morning.  I am not at my best at that time.  I try to choose people who are like me in this aspect, who leave 1 a.m. ish.  

The last thing I love here, now, is that I found me a great hairdresser. His salon is my happy place!

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