Wednesday, 29 November 2017


We are so blessed with where we live.  I say that, realizing that if I think about where I am from, I feel even more blessed.

Aside from the whole, living in Mexico thing.  I mean, we live right in front of a huge park.  When I go for a jog, the outside path if just under 5K.  It is a really lovely green space.

We often head out to the park for a walk, as it gets Ernie away from his computer and from sitting too much.

Last week we went with the precise intention of taking pictures to make a Christmas card.  Only to be told we weren't allowed to.  His reason? Professional picture taking was prohibited without a permit from the park office.

I guess we looked professional with the Canon camera and a tripod? Ernie wrote to the park and they apologized for the error.  They would give a clearer explication to their employees.

We headed out another day, this time without the canon camera, just our iPhones, and took more.  We had fun.  It was a beautiful day, the only kind Guadalajara has.  Here are some samples.

I think the pictures are both great.  We prepared for the above ones and just happened upon the bottom ones.  Gorgeous park.  God is creative and knows how to make a lovely day.

Christmas season is upon us.  Parties have begun.  I have one this Friday, ladies only.  One next Friday, ladies only.  And so it begins.  May we point others to the real reason for the season...Christ's birth...the arrival of our Saviour.

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