Wednesday, 15 November 2017


We arrived in Guadalajara in early January. Coming from Manitoba, in January! Let's just say, we thought we had arrived in paradise. Sunny, warm and not windy!

We would head to the park, to go for a walk, and found most everybody in jackets, toques, and even mittens! WHAT?

I was told that people from Guadalajara are 'chiquiado'.  This was further explained to me.  If it gets just a little warm, they start taking clothes off and complaining about how "HOT" it is.  Then, when it gets just a little cool (read cold), they start putting clothes on.  Their hot/cold meter is just a little wacky!

We are entering 'winter' in Guadalajara! As you can see from the weather app for the week! So if you head to any clothing is filled with sweaters, jackets and even mittens and scarves.

I was wondering if I should buy a jacket as it goes down to plus 11 at night! That's cold!

They thought our children were crazy, the first time they came...shorts and flip flops...IN DECEMBER.

Now, having acclimatized to this wonderful climate...I admit...much to my kids embarrassment...that when it gets down to 12 in the evenings, I put on a thin sweater.  I feel it - it's cool.  But when I see them wearing down jackets, I shudder.  They have tried to sell me sweaters...really! I am itchy just thinking of wearing that at 26 above.

When I tell them that it's snowing at 'home'; they ask if it's cold.  Well, what's cold?! They think that Canadians stay inside all winter.  That we don't go out when it's minus 30.  They get a confused look on their faces when I tell them that my son turns his truck on with his cell phone so he never needs to get in a cold vehicle. Or that my mom has a heated floor, that you can be barefoot inside the house even when is minus 30.  Normal is relative, as is hot and cold!

Soon everybody will start putting out their Christmas decorations.  I often laugh. Snowmen abound.  Signs about snow days... ...reindeer... lots of cold decorations.  Many have only seen those things in pictures.

I remember when my cousins visited Steinbach from Australia and said Canada needed a disclaimer.  I was confused.  Then said that in every movie, when it snowed, everyone went outside to make a snowman.  Only to find out that the conditions for making a snowman are exact...that not ALL snow could be make into a snowman!

So I shake my head and say... 'chiquiados todos'.  I would say...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...but not true.  I love my daily weather challenges. 

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