Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Down Time in Nuevo Vallarta

This past weekend Ernie and I headed out to Nuevo Vallarta for two reasons... one was to relax, just the two of us, and the second one was to commemorate our 29th anniversary.  Not everybody makes it to 29 - so it is worth celebrating.  And what a view to do it by... ...

We stayed at an all inclusive, as I didn't want to cook, and it is just more relaxing.  We ate breakfast on the outside patio, supper in the various restaurants, and just relaxed.

The weather was hot, a little too humid, but hey, who's complaining?  Not I. Especially when I see the weather at 'home'.

Now, while we went to relax, our lives are always about people.  If you know Ernie well, add about a hundred to my number.  He can make friends on the elevator ride to the sixth floor!  He exchanges contact information wherever we go.

So, as you can well imagine, he made a few new acquaintances, and met up with old friends.  We had stayed at this same resort when our children came to visit.  Mike, our son, is very much like his father in this area.  Never met a person who couldn't become a friend.

It was nice to meet up with these friends, staff from the hotel, who we had all met prior to this visit.  For them to not only remember us but remember our kids...and smile!

To the right is Jiovany.  He is the supervisor at the hotel's restaurants, or the 'captain'.  On our first visit, we made friends with him (he is very similar to Ernie and Mike).  One night we had not signed up for supper. He said, no worries, come here and I will have a place for you.  He had set up a lovely table with rose petals, away from the other guests.

This year, we told him we would go for dinner in which ever restaurant he was in.  Then we told him we were celebrating our anniversary.  Once again, a table with flower petals covering it.  Our assigned waiter... his younger brother.

The other person we got to know was Suleica. She was/is a waitress.  She loved our boys because they were funny.  Every time she came for our beverage order, they would ask for 'agua de la llave' - tap water.  As a matter of fact when she saw us this weekend she asked about her 'primos' (cousins) - 'agua de la llave!'

The third friend left before we could get a photo of him - he was given time off as his wife was to give birth.  But he too, got a big smile when he saw us, and he asked about our kids.

I always say, treat everybody like royalty and they will have good memories of you.  Everybody is a potential friend.  A soul in need of a Saviour.  Make sure you bless every life you touch.  I at times forget that, as I am a little less of a people person.

The only drawback to this little trip ... the four hour drive to get there.  Half the way is okay, a 4 lane, divided road.  The last half is two lane, with bumper to bumper traffic.  If you get behind a slow truck or bus...patience is required.  This is something my husband is in short supply of.  Then one also has to watch out for the crazies who pull out to pass in a very dangerous area (most are).

I tell Ernie, don't miss the joy of the journey because you are too focused on arriving at the destination.  It is quite a lovely drive if you are not in a hurry.

As you can hear...he talks to the passing vehicles... ... :-)

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  1. That is a lovely place to visit and spend some time to relax there. Many congrats there for the anniversary to you and your husband. Will like to see more pics.