Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Sometimes you just gotta have fun...

Alejandra, Pati, and myself

Sunday was a time of just plain crazy mess fun! Every year ColorMeRad comes to Guadalajara and if a group goes, I go.  

See, I don't actually LOVE running but I enjoy doing things with people I love.  And, as you can see by the above photo, we have a lot of fun.

This is the group I ran with...John and Connie (who seem to enjoy running), Rick and Alejandra, Penny (they are all from Reimer's cell) plus Ale brought a cousin (who we had previously met) and a friend.  

The race is a short 5K, so its easy enough to run.  But they have several stations where they throw powdered paint at you and several where they have water pistols with coloured water. So you get wet and painted, as you can see by the picture.

We all started out together but we ended up running randomly, according to pace.  Then after tossing more paint at each other....

We headed out for more pictures, even posed with a bridal couple who were doing a photo shoot.  We ran after the couple and the photographers snapped pictures.  Fun.

They we headed out...out for breakfast.  

SO really the whole thing is about being together, having fun, and just enjoying one another.  Building friendships and community.

Just in case you were wondering...Ernie was there...but as the designated photographer...the whole dry paint/dusty air thing doesn't work for his allergies.  

We were celebrating our 29th year of marriage.  Fun anniversary date.

Actually we are headed to the ocean on Thursday for a weekend to get some much needed R & R.


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  1. wow amazing place to visit,it wants me to go there as soon as possible and i would definitely make a plan with my have shared it so nicely,awesome photograps.thanks for posting.