Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Can washing dishes be cultural?

There are so many things I love about Mexico! There are many things they do differently than we Canadians would.  Some things I out-right laugh at, some things I smile at, and some things I just have to admit that I should adapt do.

Like, for instance, your basic stop sign.  I think that the sign without any word written would be understood.  It is not a yield, though often applied as such; it is not a go.  That it is often completely ignored here, makes me smile.  If one understands that just because there is a stop sign for everybody else, and that you have the right of way, does not mean that people will stop.  Deal with it!

However, I anticipate the stop sign being on the right hand side, about 7 feet off the ground? That is where I look, if there is one, I stop, if not, I go.  Guadalajara has a habit of putting the stop sign on the left hand sign, on a hydro pole, like about 10-12 feet in the air! Confusing!

I sometimes ask Ernie why he is stopping.  He stays, "because I have a stop sign."  Where? Yep, left hand side! Just makes me laugh. I guess its about finding a convenient place to 'pin it'.

Now, about washing dishes.  I like my Canadian way...a dishwasher! Not that every Canadian has one! But it would be the preferred way of doing dishes (Almost no one has one here, and, if they do, they don't use it). One person told me it was environmentally unfriendly.

I will broaden my perspective on this point, as I have lived in, or visited, more places than just Guadalajara, or even just Mexico.  I don't want to be dogmatic, but most Latin's that I know would not fill the sink with water, put the dishes in, and wash.  They actually find that rather disgusting. Rather they get a container (old margarine tub), add water and soap.  They also use a scrubber that is soapy.  They individually wash each item till the sink is full and then rinse.  It does not make a difference if there are a dozen things or a boat load.  Some even leave the water running the whole time.

Better? Worse? I like it. I don't know how to do dishes by hand if given a dish rag! But I would hands down prefer a dishwasher!

Always things to learn. One can always find areas to adapt to.  Old dogs can learn new tricks! Stop Sign can be seen on the left hand side...

So, Bible Study tonight, where we will celebrate some birthdays.  Thursday we have a class, then Ernie has a posada and I have a birthday breakfast.  Friday I have a birthday breakfast and we have a birthday party in the evening.  Life is about being, relationships and community.  God has blessed us with a great community.

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