Wednesday, 10 January 2018


This past week we went to see the new Pixar Movie - "Coco".

We went because we were repeatedly told to go see it by our friends.  It's totally Mexican!

It was very informative for us.

It is an animated movie about the 'Day of the Dead' celebrated annually in Latin America.  It is HUGE here in Mexico.

This movie explains it from their perspective. It was very eye opening for us.  We never quite understood it to this extend.

The whole altar thing...where they have a family altar, with the pictures of their dead.  The graveyards are full of altars, covered in food the person likes, pictures, candles, etc.  They are 'remembering'  their love ones. The movie portrays the spirits of the deceased as joining you in your celebration.

The movie also takes you to 'the other side', where the dead reside.  It paints a picture of what happens to someone who has passed on and no one remembers them (again this is from their perspective).  Apparently, once you are no longer remembered you cease to exist.  And no one knows where you go from there...

While the movie plays on your emotions, and draws you into the story,  it leads you to think about your loved ones, the importance of family, of remembering, it is also very sad.

The Bible is pretty clear on a number of things. In Christ, there is hope.  I know my future.  And I know where I will spend eternity!


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