Wednesday, 3 January 2018

It's that time of year again...

Last January my post was on New's Years Resolutions...and about not sharing them.  And various other such thoughts...

Yet, all over social media there is talk of New Years Resolutions, goals, desires, etc.  There is this, seemingly instinctive, desire to be better, to grow.  Or maybe its peer pressure?

Here in Guadalajara, the talk amongst my friends is mostly about losing weight.  This may be due to the fact that they over eat in December.  Well, they over eat a lot.  Like our sons say,  "Mom, Mexicans KNOW how to eat!" The food here is awesome and over eating just seems to happen.

Last year I did not tell you my resolutions, as I shared that research said it was better not to.  I really don't know how true that is, however, it was good for me.  Why? Because it was personal, it was something I wanted to do for me, not to impress anyone.  A goal I set purely for me.

So here we are, 365 days later.  Did I reach my goal? Did I conquer my resolutions? Not all of them, but the ones I put my mind to I did.

#1 I had a goal to read the Bible in one year - check!
This was not too hard for me; have done it several times, as I LOVE to read.  It was more a matter of priorities.  

#2 I wanted to conquer Danzika and DanceStep - check!

Here I use the term 'conquer' lightly.  If I think of when I started going to these classes - WOW! I was horrible.  They would go right and I would go left.  My teacher would yell "Diana, la otra derecha!" {Diane, your other right!} He has now told me that I have got it! 

In DanceStep he used to divide the class into two groups: advanced and beginners.  I was most definitely on the beginner side.  He no longer divides the class.  

I am much better at Danzika than DanceStep, but have been doing Danzika much longer. However, the struggle was real for this 'two left feet' Mennonite!

That said, he always raises the bar so that everybody is challenged! Love it!

#3 I wanted to do a handstand.  Tried a couple of times, failed.  Gave Up.  (I don't know why)

Am I discouraged and disappointed with myself?  No.  I am a goal orientated person so goals motivate me.  I love a challenge and seek personal growth. Will I work on the hand stand thing? Maybe...

I think, for myself, goals are good.  If you have no goals, no desired outcomes, how will you know if you ever arrived? Many people just go through life, punch clocking through, and are unhappy.

At the same time some people struggle with discouragement, and getting frustrated about goals. This year I saw a TEDtalk on goals, New Years Resolutions, that I am gonna give a whirl this year.

Click on the following:  Ted Talk Video

He has a valid point.  It is less daunting, less overwhelming.  So I am starting with easy stuff. My first month, which has begun, my goal is to take a picture every day.  If you follow me on social media, you know I LOVE to take pictures.  That is not challenging.  How I made it challenging? Take a creative picture daily, not just a selfie.

Now I don't think I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro, like he did.  Although I'd love that adventure!  Or even write a book? But each month I want to choose to do something to grow and challenge myself.

 I will end this by issuing a challenge to you. How about reading the Bible in a year? Or find a reading plan for thirty days? The YouVersion App ( is a great app for finding plans that are of varying lengths, from reading the Bible in a Year, to 5 days plans.  There are many for 30 days. Another great app is the ReadScripture App ( Especially if you find books of the bible hard to understand, or don't quite know how the 'story' fits together, this is a great app, with some really creative videos to help visualize the message. You can also create a group, where you do it together and comment on your reading ( I am doing that this year). I can think of no better goal for 2018 than reading God's Word!

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