Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Pansies are Headed Home

We so love Guadalajara!

What's not to like? Great food.  Good people. Fabulous weather. So many sites to see, places to visit.  Wonderful place to live.

Since I like to be honest...there are things not to like.  The driving habits of the tapatíos would be one (especially for Ernie).

But alas, all good things, eventually come to an end.  Sadly our time in GDL is coming to an end.

After much prayer, fasting and soul searching we have given our resignation.  We are planning on returning to Canada towards the end of April.

This is the week we are letting people know.  So if you have heard rumours, they are true.  Well, let me re-frase that...they may be true.  I have heard some crazy things coming from people.  So what is true is that we are returning to Steinbach in late April.  All the speculation on the why's and wherefores, may not be 100% accurate.

We prefer to not go through those.  Just know that the decision was not made lightly, there were many factors taken into account, and it is hard.

But once again, God is so great! We found a couple coming to live here in GDL, around the time frame we have and they have agreed to purchase most of our furniture and kitchen stuff, etc.  That was a HUGE weight off our shoulders. God always comes through in miraculous ways.

So time is flying by.  We have studies we want to finish, people we want to spend time with, packing up to do, good byes to say, friendships to firm up.  Time is just going by so very fast.  We look at our calendars on the wall...not enough time.

The little blocks are getting filled in and we have barely started telling people.  I so dread the going away parties, the good byes, the last time we will, etc.

This is for sure one of those times when I am glad for social media, Skype, FaceTime, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.  So many ways one can remain in one another's lives.

I also love how close to Puerto Vallarta Guadalajara is.  I see a trip there in my near future.

So we covet your prayers as we close this chapter of our lives and look to what the future holds.

I think our kids are happy, as are our families.

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