Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Some Things They Just do Better


I have celebrated 4 birthdays here in GDL and each one my friends have made me feel so loved!  I actually get teased about my birthday lasting the whole month of January! Well, they sure no how to celebrate here, if it takes a whole month to be it!

As you can see in the picture, this little celebration took place at the gym.  Recently a friend from Manitoba was chatting with me on FaceBook Messenger about joining a gym.  She said that she found it to be nothing like what I post about.  Everyone is in their own little world in Canada.  Everyone has headphones on and most certainly isn't chatting with others.

Mexicans just do the whole relationship thing better.  People, friendships, relationships, etc, just come first.  They would find you offensive if you didn't take your earbuds out to say 'hi'.  Sweaty after class, hugs are given anyway.

Don't get me wrong now, most of us still actually work out!  If I don't leave the gym feeling done in, I would not bother.  But with a 15 minute break in-between classes there is time to cut a cake.  The next class can be tough if you over do it! But building friendships seems to always have time.

Now I am not the best at this but they sure have worked on me.  Greetings come first.  Flowery speech is a must.  I am a little too task-oriented.  But when you see how going out of your way to greet, to say Happy Birthday, to ask after someone who has been missing at the gym, etc.  Well, it just makes a person feel cared for, loved.

Being part of the family of God, I should be good at this, better even.  One just needs to read all the 'one-another' verses to see that this is what God wants us to do.  They have shown me by example.

They have taught me how to 'love on' others.  They celebrated me at the gym, and then we went for breakfast.

On Wednesday, those who couldn't do breakfast because they work, are taking me out for Sushi!  Then on Friday, my lovely neighbour ladies are taking me for breakfast.  Like I say, a birthday can take a whole month.  And that is without throwing myself a party, which many do here.

The month of February is fast approaching... .... here it is referred to as the month of Love and Friendship.  Let's love on each other!

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