Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Amor Y Amistad

February 14th in Mexico is celebrated not only as a day for couples but to celebrate friendship.  Thus, while we refer to it as Valentine's Day, they call it "Day of Love and Friendship".

It's a day to show your friends that you care about them.  To honour friendships.

So an event to do just that was planned for the gym friends.

We arrived, most were late, even after the arrival time was changed to an hour later!  We were asked to come in gym clothes, black, red or white.

  Some missed the text regarding that, due to the flood of comments in the chat group.  So, while most of us were in gym clothes, and within the colours given, others not so much.
We began the event with snacks and drinks and lots of laughter.  The organizers had arranged a wonderful Italian lunch.  So half the buffet was pasta, the second half was veggies, mash potatoes and meat! Italian? Not sure but very good.  
Then we moved on to sports.  While she had planned lots of activities we mostly did the first thing.  Playing soccer.  The men went first.
 So the blue team was mostly the younger guys, some of which actually knew how to play.  So there was a little bit of chatter about a stacked team.  Those on this team would have said that was not so, of course.

The other team was the 'old guys' and they would say their team was most definitely not stacked.  So, with those comments you can guess who won the game! the blue? No! Actually the red won, or it was a tie, depending on the decision regarding a contested goal!  But fun was had by all.  Intense, male fun.  Competitive.

During their game, the ladies were to cheer them on.  This too can become competitive.  But mostly we just laughed at them and at ourselves.

Following the men, the ladies got their chance to play.  Also Red and Blue: 

This game was very similar to the men's; the younger ladies against the older ones.  So, we lost!  But, apparently, my Canadian girl, hockey mom-ness came through.  I am a bit rough and tough.  A dear friend has my foot print on her leg!  

But, even despite that, we too had tons of fun and laughed at one another. 

This event is just one of the many we have attended with our friends from the gym.  These are people who have touched our lives deeply and whom we will miss.  These are some of the faces that are firmly printed upon our minds and hearts.  

Ernie with Cesar, Alex and Doc 
At present (as most everybody already knows) we are returning to Canada, and we are 'in mourning' as we will be parting ways soon.  We are thankful for social media and the ease with which we can communicate with our GDL friends.  The world is so much smaller today.  

Lolita, Laura, Adri myself and Hilda
Four years of seeing most of these people, on a daily basis at the gym, plus the many social events on the weekends, has left a mark on our hearts.  These are friendships that we trust will last a lifetime.

 We continue to build on these friendships, we continue to give our hearts, and love.  We feel loved by them and I believe they know we care as well.

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