Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Last week Thursday, the Reimer's and us, hopped on a bus and headed to Ixtapa, Guerrero, Mexico.

For those of you who have not visited might want to give it a visit.

We went to get some R & R and to visit our very good friends Sid and Gladys Reimer.

We most certainly enjoyed the pool, some great times of eating out, and visiting.

And, as only my husband can do...or so I think...much silliness.  {Spos mott senne}

John and Ernie can be a little crazy.  Probably helps to unwind!

So we relaxed in the pool, played some Frisbee, sat around and caught up on our lives, shared some challenges, and just got refreshed.

But, as per usual, we did not just sit around and relax.  Ernie is not a very good relaxer.  Plus he LOVES people.  He wants to see and talk to everybody.  So, while we came to visit with Sid and Gladys, we saw and visited a lot of unexpected people as well.

Apparently Ixtapa was the place to holiday for Manitobans this year.  We met all kinds. Our first night out we met a whole table of Steinbachers... Doyle and Raquel, Dorinda and Mike, Brent and a few more.  So of course we stopped to chat...till around 11 p.m.

Then we got together with Vic and Jayne.  We were hockey parents together for years.  They were with friends of theirs, so we did lunch.  Great catching up.  Some very meaningful discussions along the walk after lunch.

We even met some new 'old acquaintances'.  Staying just a couple doors down from us was a man who atended church with Ernie way back when (late 70s).

We went to a restaurant that is owned and operated by Manitobans from Rosenort.  Some great ribs.

Plus we went to Sid's heart ministry, which is the dump ministry, to see the school and the kids.  Just a blessing to see how it continues to grow, reaching more and more kids.

{But, I don't want to say too much about that because tomorrow I will do a separate post on the dump.}

So, while we went to rest, we didn't actually rest overly much.  We were able to enjoy the other foreigners for Sunday morning worship.  It was a beautiful place to worship God. Nothing like warm weather, palm trees and sunshine to bring your mind to how awesome God is.

Later that evening we enjoyed a time of encouraging one another in the ministry, with the pastoral couple from this church. It was a blessing to pray for one another.

So, while we are still not rested per se, we are refreshed.

 God is so very Good, always.  We always come away from Ixtapa, and visiting with the Reimer's (Sid and Gladys) feeling blessed and refreshed.  Ernie needs a little more of this...

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