Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Moving Right Along...

So things continue to happen.  Life goes on.  We are at a high level of emotions after a week of letting our friends know we are moving back to Canada.  The reactions have been varied.  Shock! Sadness.  Tears.  Some understand.  Some say, 'well, it just means we have farther to go to visit you.'

I have said more than once that this is not the first time for us.  When one moves you can do one of two things... open your heart to love and embrace those around you, or chose to live as an island with your heart closed.  With the second option, leaving is easy, because you didn't risk your heart.  With the first option, well, you set yourself up for a broken heart.

I opened my heart and life to these people and my heart is hurting.  I have been blessed with some wonderful friends, people who I consider family.  But with all the wonderful forms of social media I will continue to share my life and watch their's.  Not the same, but better than snail mail letters of yester year.

So, since I last wrote, we have continued with our studies and building into lives.
Chapis with Us
Our very dear friend Karina, lovingly referred to as Chapis (as she is short), dropped by one evening to talk about us leaving.  Ernie made a quick impromptu supper and we watched a little Jets hockey.

She is the TV personality/host for the winning soccer team here in Guadalajara. So she found it (hockey) interesting.  A little culture sharing.

 She later invited us to join her family on Super Bowl Sunday for a 'carne asada', meaning meat BBQ, and lots of it!

It was our first time in her home, meeting her family, parents, brother and sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews.  We of course blessed them with some corn on the cob (yellow corn bathed in butter).  It was a huge hit.  Then I brought a trifle for dessert!

Another wonderful highlight for us was the birth of our friends' child.  We were invited to the hospital to meet baby David.

 Ernie is the one who loves babies and little kids.  But he was under the weather so I got to hold their little blessing from above.  Ernie played with his little sister, Natalia.

This is a lovely family from John & Connie's cell group that we have come to love and appreciate.

Sandra is in our Thursday morning study, which she got started.

Birthdays are always a huge thing here, as you remember from my birthday.

Mary Chuy comes to the gym with us.  Takes abdomen class with me, Danzika and tono muscular.  She gives it her all, even at 60!

She planned a party for a Friday evening, inviting the ladies from the gym, plus our instructor.

We ate (too much), we sang with the mariachi, we danced around the table and we laughed and laughed.  It was a wonderful evening with my friends.

Mary Chuy turned 60 

If these people have taught me one thing, it is the importance of relationships.  They have taught me how to care for one another.  They have shown me how to have good, clean, wholesome fun.  They have shown me how to enjoy life.

I will miss my gym ladies greatly.  I will miss the gym.  The working out till you are wet with sweat! The "AY Nelson", cause he has pushed us hard.

But, like I tell them often, when life throws changes your way, adapt.  There are good people everywhere.  It's all about attitude.

I have told them, "mi casa es su casa" (my house is your house).  Just please wait till I have one!  As right now I am homeless.  We will be moving in with our son till we find a place.  As soon as that happens...come!

And I remind them, Puerta Vallarta is a good place to take a winter holiday.

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