Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Coming Soon

Greetings my friends, 

We have enjoyed having some friends from Steinbach over for a few days - they had been spending some time down at the ocean (La Peñita) and decided to come to GDL to visit!  We are going to take them for breakfast this morning and then put them on the bus to return. 

 So, today it looks like the blog post will have to be posted a bit later in the day... I hope you'll check back! I'm hoping to share some cultural things I've learnt this week.   

I plan to describe a 'rite of passage',  a 15 year old's (female) birthday party, know as a Quinceañera....

...and a baby shower for my friend's grandchild... Iker

I should be back to get that up around noon.  See you soon...!

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