Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Study Groups!

Our Thursday Morning Group:
Sitting in front is Sandra with her newborn son, David.  Next to her is Lili and her son Leo.
In the back row are Ernie and myself.  I am hold Zaira's son.  Beside me is Lii, then Zaira and Mayra

As you can well imagine, Thursday mornings are a joy for us.  We are so very proud of this group for several reasons.

Firstly, Sandra (in blue) is the one who came to us and asked if we would be willing to lead a Bible Study for her, her sister and their friends.  She has a truly missional heart. We had one leave after the first few studies, and one asked to join later.  The picture above is of their recent graduation.  

We spend more than 40 hours together going through a TEE course together.  It was a panoramic study of the whole Bible.  They faithfully came, missing only when necessary.  They asked questions and demonstrated a willingness to learn.

Most of these ladies are from Catholic backgrounds.  They had a hunger to learn from Scripture, and more and more learned to trust Ernie, and asked very good questions.  We all learned together.

Now, as you can see from the picture, most of them came with kiddos.  So I could most often be found on the floor with said kiddos.
 My goal was to make it as easy as possible for them to learn, with the least amount of distractions. 
I came to really enjoy the kids, and they learned to love Ernie and I as well.  

Another thing that excites me is that they want to keep studying.  They loved learning how the bible was put together, that it isn't just a bunch of random stories.  They often saw things that made them question their own beliefs and asked questions that made us search for answers.  As already mentioned, we all grew together.  

They plan to continue with Tara Wiebe, and study the TEE course on the life of Jesus Christ, based on the book of Matthew. 

We are planning to continue with our group that studies on Tuesday nights.  They are just finishing book one of that six book series in Matthew.  They have asked for Ernie to continue to lead them via Skype.  So we will give that a go.

Our other group has finished both of the above mentioned courses.  Well, Paty has finished all of them.  Teo has finished the panoramic study, as has Bertha.  They at present are studying the Pentateuch.  This is a much more intense course.  We are working through it together, line by line.  We will see how they will proceed. 

It is such a blessing to study the scriptures with people who are eager to learn, and grow.  We have been richly blessed these past four years with great study groups. 

May we always desire to study the Word and be willing to help others understand its truths. 


  1. I have no idea what I am doing or whether it will go through or not. Just trying to touch base. Had you guys on my mind today, 5/12/18. This is Tom Owensby from Georgia. We met in Chihuahua so many, many years ago. Please check us out on FB at Movivational Ministries or email me direct at and we can begin some dialogue. Turned 50 this January and still going to Mexico, 51 mission trips in the last 48 months. All to the glory of God. Still got your prayer rock! Dusting it off today and beginning to pray again for you. Love in Him - for one more soul, Bro. Tom