Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The End

Well we have been back for just over two weeks and they have been a whirlwind.  Adjusting to life back in Canada, or 'home', has been a little overwhelming at times.  However, God has been faithful, as He always is. He is carrying us day by day.

So Ernie is driving truck and feeling the aches and pains of that.  I am back at NAPA Auto Parts, where I worked previously.  I have found a gym and am trying to find a routine to life.

My days are full, working my 8 hour shifts, and then trying to visit my mother in the hospital.  Praise the Lord she is recuperating well.  We continue to enjoy being with our children and families.

Basically we are creating a new 'normal', which is no easy task.

So, while I have enjoyed these past four and a half years of chatting with you... I am closing the blog down. Essentially, the reason for having it has ended. Now I will try to share my new world with my friends in Mexico.  You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, where I continue to post random things about my life.

Thanks for following our lives and being a part of some wonderful years.

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