1st Tour  
Ernie: 1983-1988
Ernie & Diane: 1989-1991
Ernie went to Nicaragua because he was interested in teaching TEE courses, Theological Education by Extension. He taught many classes of SEAN and also taught for SEMILLA in every Central American Country. 
During the time when Ernie and Diane served together it was a time of turning over the reins of the work to the nationals.  They were the last EMC missionaries to serve in Nicaragua full time.
For a taste of local culture:


2nd Tour
Chihuahua, Mexico
Served: 1995-2000
We joined a work already in progress.  Our first year we stepped into a church to replace furloughing missionaries.  Upon their return we moved to help in another church.  We also worked more on a national level than in an individual church.  We worked with leadership training, youth work, Ernie began a door to door ministry, and he assisted in field leadership.
We left in 2000 due to health issues and Ernie took on a teaching position at Steinbach Bible College as their mission’s professor.
For a taste of local culture:

3rd Tour
Guadalajara, Mexico
Served: January, 2014 –
We are joining an EMC church planting team in GDL.  This work is Ernie’s passion.  He taught this for 13 years at SBC and longed to do it once again.
Diane is hoping to find some youth to connect with as that is her passion.
For a taste of local culture:

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