Matters of Prayer

February 6, 2014
1) Tomorrow morning (actually at 3:30 a.m.) Ernie leaves for Copeland, Kansas to teach a weekend course for Berean Schools, called "Introduction to Missions"

2) The following weekend (Feb 13-16) Ernie will be in Seminole, Texas, teaching another Berean course, called "Cross-Cultural Ministry", followed by 10 days in Nicaragua hosting a group of brothers from the church in Seminole on a missions trip.

3) Please pray for Diane as she will be somewhat on her on back in Guadalajara during this time. 

4) An answer to prayer has been that Ernie was able to get his residency papers this week - meaning he can now legally leave the country! We're grateful that the papers came thru in time to make this possible. 

5) Thanks for continuing to pray for good connections with our neighbours and others. We anticipate with great excitement the opportunity to share the gospel with others here in Guadalajara. 

December 25, 2013
If you have opened this tab, it is because you know how important prayer is, in all of live.
In this section we want to record our petitions and Gods answers.  We want to begin by recording His many answers so far in this journey.

1. Clarity on where He wanted us to go.
Felt a clear calling to join the church planting team in Guadalajara after investigating several other options.

2. Applied to the Evangelical Mennonite Conference – Were excepted on September 6, 2013

3. Needed to sell our home – God said no, providing renters who bought much or our furniture and we could buy much of theirs as they were returning to Canada from Guadalajara.  When God says no, His yes is usually better

4. Needed to find a reliable vehicle – Were able to purchase a 2008 Honda Accord within our price range

5. Needed to find a place for our son Chris to stay, as our first plan didnt turn out – God provided a family who was willing to host him!

6. Needed to deal with our cell phone contracts – Within the hour of Ernie posting it on Facebook he had responses and we found someone willing to take over our contracts!

7. Needed to get temporary resident Visas for Mexico.  Lots of paperwork between organizations needed to happen and get signed, sealed and delivered. Then a trip to Toronto to the Consulate needed to happen.  All that on a time frame. – The paperwork arrived and was accepted.  An appointment got made.  Toronto got hit by an ice storm! Our flight was not cancelled and left on time!  We got our Visas in hand within 2 hours, which normally takes 2 days!! 

These are just some of the things God has been doing for us, miraculously doing for us.  We have doubted and worried, confessed that, and doubted and worried some more.  There are countless ways in which God has provided, opened doors, showed His awesomeness, and revealed His faithfulness for the months headed up to our departure.  We trust Him to continue to do so.  We covet your prayers daily.

Here are some upcoming things to take before our Father:
1. Journey mercies as we drive from Manitoba to Guadalajara. (3296 kilometers or 2048 miles)
2. That our temporary visas would get turned into actual Visas quickly.  Ernie needs to leave the country several times in February, which you are not to do while your paperwork is being processed.
3.  For Ernie as he will be teaching in Copeland, Kansas, Feb 7-9th, and in Seminole, Texas, Feb 14-16 and then heading to Nicaragua (for 2 weeks), hosting a short term mission’s team from Seminole.  Pray for Diane as she will be alone in GDL during that time.

4.  Pray for our kids, Mike & Jaycia and Chris, as they are staying in Canada and for us as well- not sure who will be more homesick!

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